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About Deviant To what you know, my name is Kaine. I know some people from school, if u call me by my real name u will be cursed by busby's chair!Female/United States Recent Activity
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Don't Leave Me Alone! (Sad Italy One Shot) :iconkaineokamiblackstar:KaineOkamiBlackstar 0 0
Silence Is Golden(Dark Japan One Shot)
(This is for no one in particular. Ah well, i own....The Thread! you'll get it after u read the story. )
Kiku Honda snapped a long time ago, but no one knew. Maybe if he did you
wouldn't be in so much pain. He was still quiet, refrained from
speaking, and sensed the mood. Before the incident, you envied him
because he was so cool and collected, you loved him; and he loved you
too, but you wished he didn't.
   One Day, you sat at Japan's house,
sipping tea and nervously chatting non-stop. Japan nodded as he
listened, but his mind was else where, you could tell. You assumed he
was pretending, because it was only polite, but he had his hands in his
lap and watched you carefully. You started feeling sleepy as he brought a
sowing kit on the table, and watched your reaction; none.
                 "Kiku....." You found your eyes begin to droop "What's in this tea...?"
:iconkaineokamiblackstar:KaineOkamiBlackstar 0 3
Invisibility isn't too bad. (Canada One Shot!)
(ha-ha first time uploading. I cant draw for CRAP so...yeah. THIS IS FOR RURUTHEVULPIX CUZ SHE IS MY LOVER!!! LUV YA!)
Mathew sighed. The world meetings were boring enough -without it being said that NO ONE even cared for his opinion! Well, except her. [Name] cared. He always seemed to lock eyes with her, and this time, she mouthed:
                                           'Say Something'
 Just as he opened his mouth to do just that, he heard the large doors slam, and was left with [Name] and Alfred. He noticed his mouth was open, feeling dry and his throat seemed to turn to sandpaper. He pressed his head against the table, letting out a heavy sigh. [Name] and Alfred took the chairs either side of him,concern plastered their faces.
 "Mattie....You okay?" [Name] asked in a worried tone of voice. Alfred nodded.
"Yeah bro, you seem down." He put in.
"I'm ju
:iconkaineokamiblackstar:KaineOkamiBlackstar 0 12
Ahhh~! Behold my dirty little secret that i call my creative mind... XD
Welcome to my happy world now get your Sh*t and comment!


France's 7 day weak by Go-Devil-Dante
Mature content
France's 7 day weak :icongo-devil-dante:Go-Devil-Dante 4,394 0
Hetalia Heaven France n Switz by Go-Devil-Dante Hetalia Heaven France n Switz :icongo-devil-dante:Go-Devil-Dante 6,166 1,195 Hetalia Heaven England n Italy by Go-Devil-Dante
Mature content
Hetalia Heaven England n Italy :icongo-devil-dante:Go-Devil-Dante 8,469 2,035
Spanish Stereotypes..
"(Nameee)? You paying attention?"
You blinked a few times, to look straight into the green eyes of your Spanish friend Antonio. You gave him a reasuring smile, before slumping back in your seat.
If it wasn't obvious enough, you really liked him, and there was only one way you could really get to see him often..
"Do you really want to learn Spanish (Name)?"
You looked up at Antonio and nodded.
He sighed though, not sounding very amused.
"You seem..distracted."
You felt your ears begin to heat up, at the thoughts running through your mind.
The reason for being so distracted, was because of a certain someone's behind.
That's right, once your Spanish friend turned his back towards to write on the chalkboard, your eyes focused right towards his buttoks. The rumors you heard were true, Antonio really did have a nice ass.
He never did seem like the stereotypes you found online. But, you still wanted to ask anyway.
"Okay (name) translate-"
"Can I ask you a few questions?" you asked while raisi
:icon1meh8:1meh8 645 263
RomaniaXReader: Funny Love
RomaniaXReader: Funny Love
"__________?" Romania said peeking into your room. You didn't answer as you were under your covers trying to block out his voice. "__________?" he said again and climbed on to the bed and poked your back.
"Leave me alone," you grumbled your grip on the sheets tightened. You were tired and you just wanted to take a nap.  
"Aw why?" he said and poked the side of your stomach again.
"Stop," you said jerking away.
"__________," he said. You pulled off the covers.
"What," you said clearly annoyed.
"Why are you like that?" he asked.
"Like what?" you said.
"Your acting mean!" Romania said.
"No I'm not!"
"Yes you are!"
"No I'm not!"
"Then why are you yelling a me!
"I'm not!"
"Yes you are!"
"Your getting on my nerves."
"I am?"
"Are you ticklish?" he asked.
"Yes! Wait what?" you said. Without warning you felt his hands on your stomach and he began tickle you. You burst out laughing. "R-Romania! S-Stop!" you said in between your fits of
:iconmononrawr:MonOnRawr 333 28
Hetalia by AnimeMaiden167 Hetalia :iconanimemaiden167:AnimeMaiden167 1 5 Prussia Plays Can Your Pet by StalkerLithuania Prussia Plays Can Your Pet :iconstalkerlithuania:StalkerLithuania 73 21
Dark!IcelandxReader: Passion (Request)
Of all the words in the world, there was only one that made Emil Steilsson’s blood boil. That word was…
Volcanoes. Or any word similar to it.
Volcanoes always seemed to throw Emil off. Not in the ‘Crap, I forgot to do the laundry today’ kind of throwing off either.
In short, the volcanoes of Emil’s home island of Iceland completely jacks up his personality. Normally, he was calm and cool. Volcanoes turn that around to an almost animalistic passion towards his closest girl friend (Name). Luckily, he was able to control himself in the past before he did anything shameful to her.
Still, he freaking hated volcanoes.
…What does this have to do with anything? Well, the volcanoes were a bit more active this year than any other year in the past. He moaned in pain and frustration as he felt the volcano pressure pound against his body.
Oh, did I forget to mention that Emil was the personification of Iceland, and therefore could feel volcanoes erupt from mile
:icongracee314:gracee314 106 24
Romano~ Hetalia by pokefan-1 Romano~ Hetalia :iconpokefan-1:pokefan-1 5 8 Adventure of link by Gashi-gashi Adventure of link :icongashi-gashi:Gashi-gashi 6,614 449
100 Things I, Romano, Can't Do
((Triggering content ahead: incredibly offensive humor that some may or may not enjoy. Also, this is old as shit, so it's bad.))
100 Thing I, Romano, Can Not Do.
1) I can not flirt with Spain to get him to do my bidding.
2) Even if it works, damnit.
3) I can not call Germany a potato bastered around Feliciano.
4) It makes him cry.
5) Fuck if I know why, damnit.
6) I can not cuss about everything.
7) Especilly the 'Lords' name.
8) Apperantly, I'll go to hell if I do.
9) Not that it matters damn it.
10) Do not 'tempt France' by wearing skirts.
11) Shorts are also to be avoided.
12) Or anything revealing.
13) 10-12 apply to Spain to.
14) Fucking pervert.
15) I can not insult Spain.
16) It makes him cry.
17) Fucking wuss.
18) I can not gloat about my car.
19) It make everyone get jealous.
20) Apperantly, I can't let Spain in my house, either.
21) Or else pictures of me bathing spread around the internet.
22) Actually, avoiding Spain in general is a good idea.
23) Ev
:iconsuffocatingromano:SuffocatingRomano 1,181 347
Okami by Oreo-the-artist Okami :iconoreo-the-artist:Oreo-the-artist 2,145 97 Okami by Fuu-sama Okami :iconfuu-sama:Fuu-sama 3,167 172 Okami by Kaze-Hime Okami :iconkaze-hime:Kaze-Hime 5,697 677 - Okami - by Kaze-Hime - Okami - :iconkaze-hime:Kaze-Hime 12,283 1,072
For those who deserve it. I dont care if i Know you or not. I favorite cuz you deserve it.



Hetalia Fanfiction.
Um, okai! I need your OC description (Note me it or i'll end up being retarded and not read it.) and who you want. I also will ask for a genre (Fluff, Dark, Ect, but Lemon i will RARELY do unless i REALLY like you/your OC XD i dont want to get it taken down, if you REALLY want a lemon *perv....XD* then i will note it to you.)



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To what you know, my name is Kaine. I know some people from school, if u call me by my real name u will be cursed by busby's chair!
United States
My Name Online Is Always Kaine Okami. I can't draw for crap....-EMO CORNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TT^TT- but i love looking around. Dispite everything i never use this, but if my stories get popular ill come on more....maybe. XDDD I love Role Playing Anime, so just ask me anytime, i will usually respond-and i quote: OMFG YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH!
Personal sh!t cuz I can:
IRL friends:
Best friend ( I WANTED to type another word but SOMEONE is being touchy >-> XD):
My first Deviantart friend (now is sorta like my elder sister):
  • Listening to: Nightcore- Stamp on the Ground

I finally remembered the password to this account! Huzzah!! *Meaning, Nier gave me back my password.*

Soooo to anyone who didn't know, My new account is :iconvalentinavargasaya:

If you wanna talk, use that one, I don't know if i'll deactivate this one yet,

I'll make my decision soon enough.


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